Services offered:

I will host or co-host your podcast. I can host or co-host live shows, and in case you have a guest, I can help you preparing engaging questions. Do you already have a podcast script? I can help you editing it or if you are at the early stages, I can also help writing your narrative. I can help you starting your show or taking it to the next level: I am here for you and your voice! This is an exciting time for you, getting your brand out there is the best thing you can do for your growth, and I am ready to support you!

  • Host or co-host your podcast
  • Edit or write your podcast script
  • Prepare an intro or outro
  • Edit or write the questions for your interviews
  • Record live session

With a PhD in history and a remarkable 18 years of teaching experience at the college level across various countries, I have honed my expertise in academia. Throughout my career, I have not only taught numerous college students but also occasionally extended my guidance to senior high school students. My tutoring approach revolves around attentively listening to the unique needs and requirements of each student who seeks my assistance. By understanding their objectives, I strive to tailor my teaching methods and approaches to provide them with the most effective support. Moreover, I have had the privilege of supervising several Master's students as well as mentoring a number of PhD candidates, contributing to their academic growth and success.

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